World Impact Summit



Quertix was born from a simple observation: we all want to consume more ethical and more responsible to reduce our impact. Hoewer, there is a gap between our ambitions and the concrete purchase at the end of the day. The lack of transparency is present, brands are more or less misleading about what their positive impact (#GreenWashing #GreenMarketing) The lack of purchasing power is also a fact: consuming with a positive impact is still more expensive. That’s why we have decided to create an impact score, simple and clear, that tells you the real impact of brands on the world. How? For individuals: we have designed an extension that simply installs on your usual browser. Fill out your profile form and discover whether brands respect your principles and values. Collect BEEPs, our currency of exchange, and gain purchasing power. For companies: A page dedicated to your positive actions and your commitments for tomorrow, accessible in 1 click from the extension. Our solution is based on Blockchain technology, which makes information transparent and reliable.